W.J. Phillips Woodblock Print

TITLE: Howe Sound
MEDIA: Water based printing inks
SUPPORT: Japanese kozo paper
DIMENSIONS:  13 5/8 x 11 5/8 inches

Drymounted to acidic paperboard.

Detachment at the right side mended with a white emulsion adhesive.

Losses and areas of paper thinning at all edges.

Some adhesive/grey paper residue at the top edge, probably the result of a previous window mat removal.

Overall discoloration with a darker spot in the center of the sky area. There are scattered inclusions in the paper including metal particles. Matburn.

Removed from drymount using acetone

Inclusions removed as possible using the tip of a scalpel.

Humidified and cleaned using rigid agar gels including chelating and reducing agents. Margins further cleaned using reducing agents. Adhesive and paper residue removed with a scalpel.

Rinsed on rigid agar gels conditioned to pH 8, followed by brief float washing on deionized water bath conditioned to pH 8 with calcium hydroxide and transfered to suction table.

Paper losses in margins filled with Japanese paper inserts using methylcellulose adhesive. Humidified and pressed.

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