Tibetan Envelope

TITLE: Gantok
MEDIA: Stamp, cancellation stamp ink, writing ink
SUPPORT: Grey flecked paper stamped in raised embossed letters “Granite Grey Trail and Co Stationers, Calcutta”
DIMENSIONS: W 4 ¾ inches x H 3 ¾ inches (folded)

CONDITION: Overall discoloration with several areas of darker discoloration. The envelope has been opened (tear at top) and some of the torn flaps extending from the top fold of the envelope are not tightly attached.

Writing ink fixed using cyclododecane, an evaporating wax.

Humidified using Gore-tex to soften adhesive, and envelope opened.

Spots treated locally with deionized water and chelating agents. Rinsed by float washing on, and then briefly immersing in deionized water.

Remaining spots of discoloration treated locally with 10% hydrogen peroxide in deionized water. And rinsed as above using water conditioned to pH 8 with calcium hydroxide.

Humidified and pressed between blotters.

Envelope refolded, using wheat starch paste adhesive.

Paper lightly toned with watercolor in a few areas to even paper tone.

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