Oscar Cahen Illustration

TITLE: And then I saw many Refugee coming from the camp
MEDIA: India ink
SUPPORT: Bainbridge 80 Illustration Board
DIMENSIONS:  W 19 ½ x H 13 inches

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATION: This illustration was inspired by Oscar Cahen’s experiences in English and Canadian internment camps, where Jewish and other refugees from Nazi Germany were detained during WW II.

Overall discoloration which is darker in area exposed by window mat. There is mottled discoloration scattered overall. There is tape adhesive residue at the bottom of the image, right of center.

Adhesive residue reduced using a scalpel, followed by light swabbing of non image areas with xylene.

The illustration board’s facing paper on which the image is drawn was split from backboard using a thin spatula. Paper and adhesive residue were removed from the reverse of the facing paper using moisture and a blunt scalpel.

The medium tested stable to water.

Floated, and then immersed in chelating solution. Rinsed twice.
Light bleached in deionzied water bath conditioned to pH 8, to which a small amount of hydrogen peroxide was added. Rinsed.

Non image areas treated with a reducing bleach.

Rinsed in successive deionized water baths conditioned to pH 8.

Humidified and flattened.

Original illustration board backing was faced with 4-ply ragboard. The drawing was perimeter hinged to the modified backboard using Japanese paper and methylcellulose adhesive.

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