L.L. FitzGerald Drawing

TITLE: 6.4.53
MEDIA: pastel
SUPPORT: Medium weight, off-white, wove paper with texture, watermark on bottom edge reading “uepc mbm”
DIMENSIONS: H 12 1/2 x W 19 inches

Heavy overall discoloration with matburn, and a brown stain near the lower edge of the top right quadrant.

Discolored adhesive and residual black mounting paper on the reverse. The adhesive has stained the front in areas.

Small edge tears and folds.

Adhesive removed mechanically.

Matburn treated with a reducing bleach,sodium borohydride, in deionized water.

The paper does not wet up evenly, probably a result of an artist applied fixative or sizing agent. Consequently, it was extremely difficult to clean the paper evenly. Extensive testing showed that the medium was reasonably stable to water.

Humidified from the reverse using Gore-tex, transferred to blotter covered suction table and lightly treated with heated deionized water mist (Preservation Pencil), avoiding image areas. This reduced discoloration, but unevenly.

Floated on deionized water bath conditioned to pH 8 with calcium hydroxide and transferred to blotter covered suction table and dried under suction. Repeated twice, using Preservation Pencil to clean problem areas. This removed considerable discoloration, but the paper still did not clean evenly.

Further cleaned by floating briefly on a chelating solution, using the suction table to dry between this treatment and subsequent rinses. Heated deionized water/ethanol mist delivered with a Preservation Pencil was used to clean problem areas.  This treatment successfully evened the paper tone.

An alkaline reserve was deposited in the paper by floating on a final deionized water bath conditioned to pH 8 with calcium hydroxide.  Air dried.  Humidified and pressed dry between blotters.

Tears mended using Japanese tissue and methylcellulose adhesive.

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