Equatorial Crossing Certificate, 1946

MEDIA: Black and red typewriting ink, black printing ink, brown/grey writing ink, graphite pencil and a small notation in ballpoint pen SUPPORT: Off-white, medium weight, soft sized, wove paper
DIMENSIONS:  W 13 x H 8 inches
ABOUT THE CERTIFICATE: Crossing the Equator is a special occasion, marked by all manner of rituals, celebrations and, of course, the traditional crossing certificate.

CONDITION: The certificate is heavily creased, with some edge tears and large losses. The certificate is in three pieces.


Treatment was greatly simplified because there had been no previous attempts to repair it.

In consultation with the owner, minimal treatment that emphasized stabilization, rather than restoration, was chosen for this piece.

Tears mended using Japanese tissue and methylcellulose adhesive (Archivart brand in deionized water).

Humidified and pressed flat.

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