Emily Carr Watercolour Painting

MEDIA: Watercolour and gouache
SUPPORT: Beige, medium weight, wove paper with smooth surface
DIMENSIONS: W 19 x H 27 inches

Heavy brown acid burns at the edges, from a corrugated cardboard backing which is glued to the reverse edges of the painting.

Cardboard backing thinned and unglued areas removed. Glued areas of the cardboard brushed with deionized water and, as the adhesive softened, removed. Adhesive removed using deionized water and cotton swabs.

Discoloration at edges reduced using rigid agar gels made with deionized water conditioned to pH 8, and cut to the appropriate shape.

Discoloration further treated using a reducing bleach. Treated areas rinsed on suction table using heated deionized water mist (Preservation Pencil).

Paper tone evened using a combination of watercolor and yellow-brown colored liquid extracted from discolored paper, conditioned to pH 7.

Corners reinforced using Japanese paper and methylcellulose adhesive.

Humidified and pressed.

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