Crayon Enlargement Portraits

MEDIA: Charcoal and/or other black pigment on photographic base
SUPPORT:Tan colored paper mounted on cardstock
DIMENSIONS: Woman: W 15 ¾ x H 19 inches Man: W 15 ¾ x H 20 inches

Overall discoloration. Waterstains, especially at top edge and bottom left edge, rubs in the medium, especially across the upper chest. Loss at top right corner.

Overall discoloration with waterstains, especially at the bottom and right edges. Flyspecks overall. Loss at top right corner. Heavy rubs and smearing in the medium, especially across the forehead and right eye.

Flyspecks removed mechanically. Areas of smearing on the man was reduced as possible using a sable brush and finely pointed eraser.
Backings removed using moisture, with name inscriptions on reverse reserved and encapsulated.

Briefly float-washed using polyester web support, and deionized water conditioned to pH 7 with calcium hydroxide. Transferred to suction table where non image areas were misted with deionized water for further cleaning. Repeated twice.

Humidified and backed, using Japanese paper and wheat starch paste. Dried between blotters, using polyester web release sheets.

Mounted on 8-ply ragboard by wrapping edges of Japanese paper backing to reverse of 8-ply alpha cellulose mat board (Crescent brand) and secured using double sided tape (3M#415).

Areas of media damage inpainted using black watercolor. It was not possible to entirely integrate the smears on the man, but the appearance is much improved.

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