Christening Dress

CONSTRUCTION: White cotton dress with short cap sleeves and V bodice insert
DIMENSIONS: W at shoulders 15”   W at hem 19”  H 16”

Light overall discoloration with scattered spots of darker discoloration on the left side of the bodice.  There is a small loss in the left bodice just to the side of the V insert.

Washed using .5% citric acid chelator and  1% Orvus detergent in deionized water.  Solution adjusted to pH 6.5 using 10% sodium hydroxide.   Rinsed twice.

Remaining spots of discoloration treated locally with disodium dithionate gel (5% in 4% Gelzan using deionized water)  to reduce iron stains to a soluble form.  Repeated. This lightened, but did not totally remove the stains.  Rinsed locally with deionized water.

Final rinse using deionized water conditioned to pH 7 using calcium proprionate and calcium hydroxide to deposit a protective alkaline reserve in the fibers and protect against mold growth.

Padded with spunbond polyester to reduce creasing while drying.

Tear in bodice mended using lightweight spunbond polyester backing and fine polyester thread.

Fibers relaxed using a hand held steamer and then lightly pressed.

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