May 2013 - Fine Art Conservation

Unattributed "Emily Carr" watercolour before conservation treatment, with window matte removed showing adhesive residue and fragments from first and second window matting

Is she is or is she not an Emily?

  His intention was to buy a lottery ticket. But, en route he popped into the local thrift store for a quick looksee and decided to buy a print instead. Once home, he unframed it for a closer look and discovered that he may have hit the jackpot after all. The

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chemicals used to prevent iron catalyzed damage in paper

Iron in Paper: Problems and Current Solutions – Part 2

Most of the conservation research regarding treatment options for Fe(II) catalyzed oxidative damage, sometimes displayed as discoloration and foxing in paper is focused on stabilizing iron gall inks in archival collections. As a conservator, my aim is to apply the findings of this research to address problems posed by iron

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Iron in Paper: Problems and Current Solutions – Part 1

Discoloration and foxing (scattered dark spots) in paper are some of the most common reasons that clients bring paper artifacts to a conservator for restoration. These conditions are often cleaned with oxidative bleaches. While such treatments are generally quite effective, if iron is present in the paper oxidative bleaching can

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