Welcome to Fine Art Conservation, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of art on paper, historic documents, and textiles. Whether you own a single artifact, or are caretaker of a large collection, I work with you to develop a conservation plan tailored to your needs.

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Rebecca Pavitt
MA in Art Conservation
Accredited Member, Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC)

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Fine Art Conservation Services: Treatments


Damage, neglect and natural aging can disfigure and destabilize art. Conservation treatment helps turn back the clock. Textiles and Paper Historical Documents Art on Paper See All Treatments ...
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Fine Art Conservation Services: Examination Equipment


The Basis for All Decisions Examination is the first step of any conservation process. Research, materials analysis, and testing, help conservators...


Disaster Preparation and Recovery

We can’t always prevent disasters, but pre-planning can mitigate their impact. Mishaps that effect collections range from “Rare with Catastrophic Consequences”...



You don't have to be a Conservator to love Conservation! Conservation is a fascinating field and I love to share what...

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